Guide to play the latest dragon raising game Libra Dragon 2020


Have you ever thought that playing games makes money? This article I will introduce you to the game Libra Dragon farming hot on mmo community recently.

Guide you how to register an account to raise dragons Libra Dragon . The fastest way to earn LDT. And what is LibraDragon? Is Libra Dragon scam? Let’s see the details of your article!

1. What is Libra Dragon?

Libra Dragon is a money-making game on phones using Blockchain technology, currently supporting 2 largest operating systems, iOS and Android. The coin in the game is LDT (Libra Dragon Token). LDT is Ethereum’s ERC20 platform token with a total in-game circulation of 100,000,000 LDT.

2. Is Libra Dragon a scam?

Since Libra Dragon is a completely free subscription, there are no scams issues here. You have just played the game in combination with watching ads (creating a part of revenue for the paid game for players). And especially, players can exchange and trade LDT with each other. Both playing entertaining games, earning money, why not playing.

How do I withdraw money from LDT?

LDT withdrawal conditions:

  • You raise dragons to level 30
  • There is a minimum of 20 LDT in the wallet

To transfer LDT to someone else, go to Wallet -> LDT Transfer, enter the information of the LDT to be transferred and the receiving wallet, then choose Transfer

Where to buy and sell LDT?

Currently you can exchange internal LDT, trading members together. Information on the floor is expected early September next. You can follow for the latest information.

UpdateSeptember 21, you can buy and sell LDT on the Dcoin floor. Register for Dcoin exchange here

Join the Libra Dragon community on Telegram here

3. Guide to registration account to raise dragons Libra Dragon

Step 1:  Sign up for an account to raise a Libra dragon here

Register the game to raise dragons libra dragon
Register the game to raise dragons libra dragon

Step 2:  Select  Play via Facebook  ->  Continue  -> Download the  Libra Dragon  app as instructed by Google Play or App Store

Register libra dragon
Register libra dragon

Step 3:  Install the application -> Select I agree -> Sign in with Facebook again


Note:  Facebook login must be correct with Facebook link above step

After successful login, start raising dragons to earn LDT only. Performing dragon transplant and doing quests to level up to receive rewards.

Note: Level 20 to have a chance to receive LDT digging dragon

Event: For you to level 20 before September 21, 2020 to receive attractive gifts, quickly join the dragon.

5. The fastest ways to raise dragons to earn LDT

Below I will guide you how to raise dragons effectively and earn the most LDT.

When logging into the game, the interface is as follows:

Dragon breeding game interface Libra Dragon
Dragon breeding game interface Libra Dragon
  • 0 ) The trash can used to sell dragons if you have an excess, dragons can be moved to the trash can to sell.
  • 1 ) Gold chest every 60 minutes, you Login to receive money.
  • 2 ) Lucky Spin, get Dragon, LDT, Dragon Money to upgrade. Free 5 times a day (See 5 advertisements) or 5 times of recording, it costs 0.2 LDT to shoot continuously.
  • 3 ) List of rank and gain LDT number for the day.
  • 4 ) Detailed instructions on how to play the game.
  • 5 ) Your dragon, when the dragon you run you get gold, the highest level of the dragon is your level.
  • 6 ) The Libra Dragon is very precious to mine LDT, normally you get a dragon over a limited time, you have the opportunity to receive a permanent LibraDragon dragon (the best treasure in the game).
  • 7 ) The amount of gold we have is used to buy dragons.
  • 8 ) The market to buy precious dragons Libradragon, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, Leo has not been activated, will activate in August, we use LDT to buy.
  • 9 ) The cost of buying a dragon to combine and level up.
  • 10 ) Fusion is used to combine 4 legendary dragons into LibraDragon dragons
  • 11 ) Home main board.
  • 12 ) Friends referral stats.
  • 13 ) Personal settings table, wallet wallet, settings.

There are 2 types of money in the game that are money to buy dragons (I call them gold coins ) and LDT can sell cash.

Gameplay is very simple. When you start the game you buy dragons with gold coins (press item 9 as shown above), then match 2 dragon with high level to get higher level dragons (level 30 max).

Up to level 30 you can trade LDT.

Ways to earn LDT

  • Introduce your friends to raise dragons with you.
  • Spin the lucky wheel (item 2).
  • Earn LDT digging dragon (item 6). Every time you level up you have a chance to get this dragon for a period of time (1 day, 30 days or permanently) or match 4 precious and precious animals (buy item 8).

How to earn gold coins to upgrade dragons

  • After 1-2 hours you should go to receive gold coins 1 time to upgrade your dragon faster (in my experience if you work hard for about 2 weeks, you will be level 30).
  • Get a chest in every hour.
  • Every day there are 10 random ads, you can also watch gold coins.
  • Join the lucky wheel.
  • Buy directly dragon level 31 (cost 30 LDT) to speed up receiving gold coins.

Please work hard to upgrade fast dragons and earn dragon digging LDT, it is your money-making machine.

So I have finished showing you how to play the game to make money Libra Dragon . Hurry up and get lots of LDTs. Any questions please comment below, I will answer. Thanks for watching.


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